All You Need to Know About the Paint Color Natural Linen by Sherwin Williams

When it comes to creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere in your home, color selection becomes a cornerstone of interior design. Sherwin Williams Natural Linen is a testament to this, offering a harmonious blend of warmth and adaptability.

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen in a Living Room

What color is Sherwin Williams’ Natural Linen?

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen falls into the category of warm beige paint colors. It has a softness to it, that allows it to work as a neutral backdrop throughout a home or in an individual room.

It’s the perfect color for creating an inviting and restful ambiance. The warmth of Natural Linen provides a versatile canvas that can easily be combined with a variety of other warm or contrasting cool tones to create a balanced interior palette.

What is Sherwin Williams’ Natural Linen’s LRV?

With an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 66, Natural Linen sits comfortably in the light-medium range, meaning it reflects a good amount of light without being overly bright. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for spaces that aim to strike a balance between a cozy ambiance and maintaining an air of spaciousness.

Note: Light Reflective Value(LRV) is a measure of how much visible light is reflected off a surface. It is a number on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being pure black and 100 being pure white. The higher the LRV the more light the color reflects and the lighter it will appear.

How does the appearance of Sherwin Williams’ Natural Linen change under different lighting conditions?

The best type of lighting for Natural Linen is soft, warm white light that accentuates its creamy undertones.

In a south-facing room, which receives an abundance of warm, golden light throughout the day, Natural Linen is likely to appear brighter and even more warmly hued, enhancing its creamy undertones. The ample sunlight can bring out the depth and richness of the color, making it feel welcoming and vibrant.

Conversely, in a north-facing room, the cooler, more subdued quality of light can slightly mute Natural Linen, drawing forth its subtle gray undertones and lending it a softer and more muted appearance. It won’t be as bright as in a south-facing room, but it will maintain its warmth and can add a cozy feel to spaces that receive less direct sunlight.

Remember lighting can transform the way paint colors are perceived, so it’s always a great idea to test paint colors in your space before painting.

Bedroom painted in Sherwin Williams Natural Linen

What kind of undertones does Sherwin Williams Natural Linen have?

Natural Linen has yellow and pink undertones. It also has a whisper of gray that provides a contemporary edge. This nuanced mix saves it from leaning too heavily into the yellow spectrum, allowing it to remain a neutral favorite.

Note: Undertones in paint refer to the subtle hints of color that may not be immediately obvious but can significantly influence the overall look of the paint when applied to a surface. Imagine the main color as the primary hue you see and undertones as the underlying tones that emerge beneath the surface.

What colors go with Sherwin Williams Natural Linen?

Pairing Natural Linen with other colors is a breeze, considering its neutral character. Try combining it with SW Sea Salt for a refreshing vibe, or SW Niebla Azul for a touch of calming sophistication. If you desire a more grounded and earthy theme, add a dash of SW Malted Milk, whose soft blush can introduce a subtle contrast to Natural Linen without overwhelming the senses.

When pairing Natural Linen with a white paint color for trim, cabinets, or ceilings, aim for a white that maintains the balance of warmth. SW Alabaster is an excellent choice, as it complements without creating a stark contrast, ensuring that the rooms feel seamlessly put together. SW Pure White is another option for those who are looking for a crisp white trim.

Natural Linen Paint Palette

Can you use Sherwin Williams Natural Linen for Cabinetry?

If you’re looking for a warm and inviting kitchen space, SW Natural Linen is a great color for kitchen cabinets. Its light-medium LRV allows it to stand out against a neutral wall color without overpowering the space, offering a sense of openness and warmth.

Natural Linen cabinets can serve as a soft backdrop for a variety of kitchen styles, from the classic to the rustic, and can be effortlessly paired with different countertop materials and finishes. Its slight undertones of gray provide a subtle contrast, evoking an elegant and timeless feel.

Paired with the right hardware, such as brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze, Natural Linen can transform kitchen cabinets into features that exude both comfort and chic sophistication.

Is Sherwin Williams Natural Linen Good For an Exterior Paint Color?

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen is typically considered a versatile and neutral choice that can work quite well for a home’s exterior. Its light-medium LRV allows it to reflect a good amount of light, preventing it from looking too dark in full sunlight, which can be particularly beneficial in warm and sunny climates.

The warmth of Natural Linen could provide a welcoming and cozy ambiance to the exterior, setting a friendly tone even before guests step inside. Moreover, because it’s a neutral, it can easily be paired with a variety of trim and accent colors, allowing for flexibility in design.

It’s also soft enough to complement natural surroundings yet has enough presence to stand out in a suburban landscape. However, as with any exterior color choice, it’s a good idea to consider the lighting conditions, architectural style, and the surrounding landscape before making a final decision.

Sherwin Williams Similar Paint Colors

Is Sherwin Williams Natural Linen a Whole House Color?

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen tends to be an excellent choice for a whole-house color scheme. Its inviting warmth and moderate light reflectance value make it a highly versatile neutral. It has the ability to create a cohesive look throughout a home, providing a soft, seamless transition between rooms.

Natural Linen also serves as a splendid backdrop for various textures and finishes, allowing for flexibility in decor and furnishing choices. Whether you want to integrate bolder colors through accents or keep the palette subdued with other neutrals, Natural Linen can adapt to both contemporary and traditional settings with ease. Its universal appeal ensures your home feels both stylish and welcoming.

Sherwin Natural Linen on Stir Stick

Final Thoughts

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen is a popular neutral paint color for a reason. Its impressive versatility lies in the subtle undertones that add depth and character to the color, making it suitable for a wide range of design styles. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy and inviting atmosphere or a more sophisticated and elegant look, Natural Linen delivers. The paint also gracefully adapts to various lighting conditions, showcasing its warm and earthy undertones in a way that brings a sense of harmony to any space.

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen is a timeless and adaptable paint color that effortlessly elevates the aesthetic of any room.

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