How to Paint an Office Chair the Quick and Easy Way

You can update your current workspace by simply painting one of the most used items…your chair. The process doesn’t take long and you’re going to love the results.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new chair for my home office for quite some time. My old chair is made out of faux leather that is cracking and definitely showing its age. I wanted something adjustable, comfortable, and stylish. So when I saw this chair at my local thrift store, I knew it had potential.

Can you really paint a wood chair?

You must be wondering if painting a wood chair is a good idea. I mean, there’s typically a lot of wear and tear on chairs…especially in the seating area. However, you can rest assured that it will be fine because I’ve figured out the best way to paint well-used furniture. This is the technique I used when I painted my piano bench, and it still looks as good as new.

What is the best paint to use for an office chair?

I used some leftover Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel(Color-Iron Ore) mixed with some BBFrosch Paint transformer to create the perfect paint for the chair.

Urethane Enamel is a really durable paint especially after it cures for a couple of weeks. It’s made for things like cabinets, doors, and furniture. And the best part was when I added the BBFrosh because it created an incredible adhesion that made it unnecessary to add a primer before painting. Yes! I always love things that save me time.

There are a few other items you will need to paint your chair. Here is the supply list:

Supply List

Step 1: Clean

This step is pretty basic and sometimes overlooked in the painting world. However, it is really important to clean any surface before painting. I like to use Dawn Dish Soap in a little water with a clean rag when cleaning. The Dawn works really well to remove any oily residue that may have been left on the chair.

Step 2: Lightly Sand

If you are the type of person that hates sanding, don’t worry. When I say “lightly sand” that’s just what I mean. This chair only took me 5 minutes to sand using some 220 grit sandpaper. Just quickly go over the surface with the sandpaper. It will give the paint a little something more to grip onto and make the paint even more durable. Once it’s sanded, give your chair 1 more quick wipe down with your rag, and you should be good to go.

Step 3: Paint

After mixing my paint with the BBfrosh, I poured it into a plastic cup to make it easier to paint. If you’ve seen any other painting posts on my website, you’ll know that I usually like to use rollers when I paint. Why? Because it’s faster!

However, because this chair doesn’t have large flat surfaces, a roller would actually take more time than a brush. So I opted to use one of my favorite brushes. Wooster Shortcut. I love it because it is easy to hold, and it delivers a smooth finish.

When I paint, I like to start from the top of a piece and move down. Then if I have any drips(I’m a messy painter), they aren’t on any of my newly painted surfaces.

Step 4: Finish

Whenever I apply a finish to a piece that doesn’t have a lot of flat surfaces, I like to use wipe-on poly. It makes the application so much simpler. I put on plastic gloves and add a little of the poly to a clean rag and then simply wipe it on. I did 2 coats of poly for this chair.

Read the instructions on your can of poly to know how long to let the finish dry in between coats. Another tip when putting poly over dark surfaces is to add a few drops of the paint to the poly before applying. It helps to reduce the streaks you sometimes see when adding a finish over dark surfaces.

Things I would do differently

Whenever I finish a project, I like to look back and see if there is anything I would do differently. This project is pretty basic, so there is not a lot I would’ve changed. Of course, I could have always chosen a different paint color. I could’ve also sprayed the chair, but then it definitely would have taken more time, and it wouldn’t have lived up to this blog post title.

I hope you enjoyed this project! Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts in the comments section.

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How to paint an office chair the quick and easy way.

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