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DIY Slat Headboard Tutorial: How to Build A Headboard For Your Bedroom

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your bedroom without spending too much money? Well then, check out my DIY Slat Headboard Tutorial. It’s an easy way to make an impactful change to your bedroom decor.

DIY Slat Headboard

I was so excited to take on this project for my newlywed daughter and her husband! I was determined to make them a headboard that would be both budget-friendly and stylish. A Slat Headboard is a simple project that is perfect for beginner DIYers.

Watch the full step-by-step DIY Slat Headboard Tutorial:

Tools & Supplies

Step 1: Layout The Frame

They needed a headboard that was queen-sized, and a 60 in x 70 in headboard would work with their mattress set and the size of their room.

To make sure I had the dimensions correct before connecting the boards, I laid some 1x2x6 boards out on my garage floor to get a visual of the frame. This is what it looked like.

Slat Headboard Frame

Step 2: Create Pocket holes

To connect the boards together, I used pocket screws. The most popular pocket hole systems are created by Kreg Jig. They have a variety of options at different price points, which basically all do the same thing… make pocket holes. It is a simple and effective way to connect two boards together.

Step 3: Connect Frame Boards

After adding some wood glue, I connected the boards of my frame together using pocket hole screws. It’s important that the boards are straight and level before you screw them together.

Once they were connected, I flipped the frame over. And I was ready to add the slats.

Step 4: Adding The Slats

Whenever I’m using slats for anything, I always like to place my first slat in the middle and then work my way out. It helps to keep things symmetrical. I used this same technique for the Slat Headboard.

I applied wood glue to the frame and then nailed the slats into the frame. TIP: Don’t forget to make sure your first board is straight.

Step 5: Using Spacers

The first board needed to be straight because after it was secured, I used some scrap wood as spacers to secure the rest of the slats to the frame. If my first board had been crooked, all of the slats would have been off.

slat-headboard-nail gun

Step 6: Wood Filler & Sanding

After all the slats were attached, I added some wood filler to fill in the nail holes. Then I used my sander to make it nice and smooth. A 220-grit sandpaper was perfect for this task. I also sanded all the edges to make sure everything was smooth before I stained.

Step 7: Staining

I used two different stains on the headboard. First, I applied Rustoleum White Wash stain. This served two purposes: The first was to eliminate the yellow color of the pine, and the second was to act as a pre-stain conditioner for the second stain.

I used a foam brush to get into all the edges of the headboard. Then I used that same brush to stain the front of the boards, and finally, I wiped off the excess with a clean cloth.

The second stain I used was Varathane stain, and the color was Kona.

TIP: When using stain, it’s always best to work in sections versus doing the whole project at once. Because it’s easier to control the color and depth of the stain.

Step 8: Applying The Wax Finish

The final step of the project was to add the finish. I used Howard’s Feed-N-Wax, which is one of my favorite finishes for stained wood. It looks great, and it’s easy to apply.

I put a little bit of wax on a clean cloth and then wiped it on the wood. NOTE: It’s important to remember that as much as I love this wax, it looks great on stained wood, but I would never use it on painted wood.

After applying the wax and I let it dry for a few hours, and then the headboard was good to go.


Final Reveal

Here it is. I had so much fun creating it, and when it was finished, it was even better than I imagined! My daughter and her husband were so happy with the end results, and it looked great in their space.

DIY Slat Headboard
DIY Slat Headboard


What are Typical Headboard Sizes?

King: This size is usually around 80 inches in width and can range from 48 to 60 inches in height.

Queen: A queen-size headboard is a popular choice. This size is usually around 60 inches in width and can range from 48 to 60 inches in height.

Full: A full-size headboard is usually around 56 inches in width and can range from 48 to 60 inches in height.

Twin: A twin-size headboard is a great choice for those who need a smaller-size headboard. This size is usually around 40 inches in width and can range from 48 to 60 inches in height.

No matter what size headboard you need. You can use the Slat Headboard Tutorial to build it.

Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Headboard?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on what kind of headboard you are looking for. If you want a simple, basic headboard, then it may be cheaper to buy one from the store. However, if you’re looking for something more unique and tailored to your tastes, like this Slat Headboard then it may be much cheaper to make your own.

The cost of the headboard depends on the materials you choose. Depending on the materials you choose, the cost of making your own headboard could be much cheaper than buying one from the store.

Another advantage to making your own headboard is that you can be sure it will fit perfectly in your bedroom. When you buy a headboard from the store, you have to make sure you measure your bed and make sure the headboard will fit. When you make your own headboard, you can customize the size to make sure it fits in your space.

One disadvantage to making your own headboard is… time. You will have to gather the materials and put in the time and effort to make it. But, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind headboard that fits perfectly in your space and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then it may be worth it to make your own headboard.

So, is it cheaper to make your own headboard or to buy one from the store? Ultimately, it depends on what kind of headboard you’re looking for and how much time you are willing to invest. If you’re looking for a custom headboard that fits perfectly in your bedroom and you don’t want to break the bank, then it may be cheaper to make your own headboard.

Are you planning to build your own DIY Slat Headboard? I would love to see your build when you’re done.

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out it you have any questions.


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