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How To Makeover An Art Deco Waterfall Dresser

Are you curious to learn how I transformed this Old Art Deco Waterfall Dresser? Well then, don’t miss out and keep reading!

Art Deco-Waterfall-dresser

Whenever I’m looking for furniture to flip, I typically find items that were created within the last two decades. That’s why I was thrilled when I saw this Art Deco Waterfall Dresser for just $20 on Facebook Marketplace. It had been painted and scuffed up, but I could tell it was a vintage piece. I couldn’t wait to give it a makeover!

Watch the full step-by-step WATERFALL DRESSER TUTORIAL :

Tools & Supplies

Step 1: Clean

I always like to clean my furniture before I start working on it. A little bit of Dawn Dish Soap in water, as well as a clean cloth, helps to get rid of any dirt and lets me see any potential problems that need to be solved. While cleaning the waterfall dresser, I noticed it had a strong, musty tobacco smell that would need to be addressed.

Cleaning- art deco-dresser

Step 2: Remove the Hardware

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep the old wood hardware or buy new cabinet pulls for the waterfall dresser. Changing the hinges was unavoidable because the previous owners swapped out the original hinges for hinges that left gaps in the door.

Step 3: Scrape/Sand The Dresser

Whenever I’m working on a piece of furniture with a thick layer of paint to remove, I always like to start removing the paint with my Carbide Scraper. It gets a lot of paint off in a short amount of time and reduces the amount of sanding needed. Plus, it can often get into areas my sander can’t reach.

Step 4: Remove Furniture Smells

Getting rid of furniture smells can be a daunting task since they tend to seep into the wood. Just sanding and painting the piece of furniture won’t eliminate the odors. Fortunately, there are a few options to banish those odors, and my go-to solution is Shellac! It’s easy to apply. Simply spray it all over the furniture, inside and out, top and bottom. Don’t forget to cover every inch of the wood – that’s the key to success!

Step 5: Staining Fail

After I had everything prepped and ready to go, I applied the stain. I chose my color and applied it as I normally do, but wouldn’t you know it? I hated it. The final appearance was splotchy, and the color was off. That’s when I decided to go with Plan B.

Step 6: Painting Fail

I find it amusing that I’m classifying these as steps because clearly, these are the steps you’d rather not take when finishing furniture, yet here we are at Step 6, another disappointment. The fact is the paint coating went on easily and looked fantastic. I just wasn’t a fan of the mauve color. I was really longing for something a bit richer and deeper, so on to Option C.

Step 7: Painting Again

Once more, I took out my paint sprayer and did some additional investigating before picking my shade. TIP: When searching for the perfect paint color, it’s important to look at the undertones of the paint color. If you don’t like the undertones(the darkest color on the paint swatch), you most likely won’t like any of the lighter-toned paint colors on the same swatch.

Finally!! I found the right paint color. Sherwin Williams Cracked Pepper for the win! I couldn’t wait to add the final details to the waterfall dresser and get it staged.

Step 8: Installing The Hardware

I found just the right hinges to fix the cracks in the door, and some brass pulls for the drawers that gave the piece the retro feel I wanted.

Final Reveal

I’m so in love with this Art Deco Waterfall Dresser makeover! It took me a while to get it looking just right, but it was definitely worth the extra time and supplies. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so glad I decided to take on this project. What do you think? Do you think the end result was worth all of the efforts I put into it? I’m still in awe that I managed to transform such an old, outdated dresser into something so incredibly beautiful!

Brown -Waterfall -Dresser-Art Deco
Art Deco-Waterfall-Dresser-Makeover

FAQ About Waterfall Furniture

Is Waterfall Furniture Art Deco?

Waterfall Furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason – it’s beautiful! The style dates back to the 1920s and is characterized by sleek lines and curved edges, making it both modern and timeless. But is it Art Deco? The answer is yes! Waterfall Furniture is definitely Art Deco.

Is Waterfall Furniture Made with Veneer?

Waterfall furniture is typically made with wood veneer, a thin layer of wood applied to a substrate such as plywood. The wood used for the veneer is usually high-quality hardwood, such as walnut or mahogany. This means that the furniture is typically quite durable and can last for many years. Another benefit of using veneer is that it can give the furniture a unique look. The beautiful grain patterns in the veneer can be highlighted using different stains and finishes. This can make the furniture look more elegant and timeless.

How Much is Art Deco Furniture Worth for Resell?

If you’re looking to make some extra money flipping furniture, Art Deco furniture is a great place to start. It’s classic and stylish, and it’s worth a lot of money! Art Deco furniture can range in value from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, the pieces are often in high demand, so you can usually resell them at a higher price than what you paid.

So if you’re looking to make some extra money, why not give Art Deco furniture flipping a try? The potential for profit is huge, and you can have a lot of fun along the way.

It was so satisfying to see the Art Deco Waterfall Dresser’s transformation from an ordinary piece of furniture to something special with a unique retro look that I was proud of.


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