About Me

Loralee_Simplee_DIYSOMEDAY… is the word that repeatedly ran through my mind as I looked at the bare walls of our first little starter home.  Don’t get me wrong, I was so grateful to no longer be a member of the Pay Your Rent Club and to actually own our 1500 square feet of tiny bedrooms, vinyl siding, and baby blue carpet.

However, almost all of our savings had been used for a down payment on our new home and the only tools we owned were a screwdriver and maybe a hammer.  Plus, I had almost zero DIY experience. How would I ever be able to create the home I wanted? 

I   vividly remember the first room I dared to paint. It was my son’s bedroom and the color I chose was Bungalow Beige. After the first coat of paint, the walls looked HORRIBLE!   I   could see the roller marks and bits of the original paint color peeking through everywhere. So I desperately sent a quick prayer to the DIY Gods and started on a second coat.

After my second lap around the room, I stood back and surveyed my work.  There were still a few roller marks and I definitely needed to touch up some of the trim but…the transformation was amazing!

I know what you’re thinking. “What’s the big deal?” “You just painted some walls.” And yet, for me…that first DIY project was  LIFE-CHANGING.  Not only was I in love with the new wall color, I was also in love with DIY and the knowledge that I could change something old and outdated into something that I loved. I was hooked, and DIY became one of my passions.

Now I have 20+ years of DIY experience. I’ve built 2 homes(owner-builder), constructed furniture, remodeled rooms, and painted countless items…walls, furniture, floors, stucco, etc. Plus, I’ve saved our family tens of thousands of dollars on home improvement costs over the years and helped others to do the same. 

So my friend, if you feel depressed every time you look at your funky 1970’s linoleum or you’ve got a space in your home that needs updating…YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.  

Stop waiting for  “SOMEDAY” because I believe YOU  too can learn simple and inexpensive techniques to  update your home.  Let me show you how.